Vegetable Glycerine 2.5 litre


Super high quality, sold to major Ecig manufacturers across Europe


glycerine 1

glycerine 2 glycerine 3


2.5 Litre food grade kosher Vegetable glycerine

Clear, colourless, odourless liquid with the consistency of thick syrup, extracted from vegetable oils through hydrolosis, soluble in water and alcohol making it very useful where a solubiliser is needed and alcohol is not desired, classed as a moisturiser, glycerine helps the epidermis to retain moisture and has a smoothing, emollient effect on the skin.

 Supplied to many major food and e cig manufacturers across the country

 We would like to thank our many returning customers who have commented on the quality of our glycerine and are now upgrading to the 4 x 5 litre


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Weight 3.2 kg

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